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About Us

We started My Fabric Addiction as an Etsy shop in 2011, as a way to deal with the mounds of fabric left from our projects. We quickly moved into pre-cut fabrics and then into pre-cut quilt kits, promising ourselves for years that we would finally make the move to our own dotcom.

And here we are! Today, My Fabric Addiction is still the small-town Idaho family business it’s always been, but with a focus on getting you away from the cutting table and on to the fun part–the sewing!

Join us as we add new quilt kits every week–all coordinated fabrics, cut for you so you can just pull out the pieces at your sewing table, turn on some music or your favorite binge-watching season, and have fun making a beautiful quilt!

We support your addiction to fabric and fabulous quilt-making joy!